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4th March 2013 Blind School, Mount Abu

On the occasion of international women’s day, the students of Blind School, Mount Abu mesmerized everyone with their beautifully composed songs dedicated to womanhood.

The heart-touching verses, lyricized by Dr. A. K. Sharma, brought together the essence of the life and times of every lady, who devotes her entire journey in the service of family. The words of one of the two songs, “…Maa, Putri, Janani, Bhagini…” signified the countless roles a woman plays during her lifetime from being a mother, a daughter, a sister to being a life partner.

The other song “kyu main bhogaya hun?” directed the audience towards the fact that women are not mere show pieces for self-indulgence and nor are they meant to only do house-hold chores. It also highlighted that disregarding women is nearing the doom of human society. The song brought the issue of female feticide to say that if women are not respected, a day will come when the world will get destroyed in the tears of a woman. Again, the wonderful lyrics mixed emotions with arguments to convey an inspiring message.

While communicating with the blind children, the realization dawned upon us that those who have never seen their mother can however explain their sheer love and respect for them. Truly, the dark eyes have brilliantly dazzling visions and hopes, lessons to be taught to the society.  

Mr. Sunil Sharma, a music teacher and a regular listener of Radio Madhuban, also shared his views with our listeners. He questioned the narrow-mindedness of the society and professed that social evils like dowry have to be uprooted. He appreciated the efforts of Radio Madhuban, praising the all-user-friendly, informative and useful content broadcast on the radio.  He added that it has become the medium of change of the society.