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The United Nations has declared the week from 6th - 12th May, 2013 as the Global Road Safety week. This year's theme is 'Pedestrian Safety'.
Radio Madhuban 90.4 FM, a Community Radio station in Abu Road, Rajasthan, has planned to promote this effort by spreading awareness about traffic rules and safety on roads. The project has been titled 'Zara Hatke Zara Bachke, Ye Hai Traffic Meri Jaan' will include several on-air programs, promotion capsules and one-liners which will be broadcast throughout the day for the entire week.

The main show will be boradcast every day from 6-7pm and will feature discussions and talks with various government officials on different themes. This will not only educate people about traffic safety but will also help them to gain important information about the rules and regulations.

 “Kadak Hawaldar”, a brainchild of the Radio Madhuban team, will be the on-air mascot of the project, who will inform the community in an interesting and entertaining manner.

Many one-liners will also be broadcast to motivate and encourage people to observe traffic rules and promote safety on roads at all times.

With a hope that this effort will reduce the cases of road accidents in the Abu Road promos will go on-air tonight. 

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