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1st Mar 13 - Gandhinagar, Abu Road

'A Woman who is physically healthy, mentally strong and emotionally balanced can face any situation with confidence and courage'. Inspired with this idea, Radio Madhuban has taken the initiative to celebrate the International Women’s Day for 10 days from 1st to 10th March 2013. 

 In this series, the first step was taken at Gandhinagar, Abu Road where more than 30 women household learnt about basic human rights and special laws made for women so as to better understand redressal and legal mechanisms. 


A well known advocate of the same block Mr. Mahesh and Kanaya lala explained in detail about the legal system and simple procedures of the law. Where on one hand he appealed to use the law for justice and common benefit of all, he also discouraged its misuse for personal gains. The women, understood its importance and were keen to gain information and understand the functioning of various governmental departments. 

On observing that lack of basic and higher education is putting them in darkness, Mrs. Chandrakanta of Jan Chetana Sansthan encouraged the participants by explaining that age is no barrier for learning. She herself is a mother of 3 children and completed her graduation after marriage. She stood as an example for the women-folk. Today she is a professionally progressing lady who enjoys independence of ideas and thoughts.

To spread the light of education, the Panchayat has also appointed a Prerak (A teacher) for those elderly people who want to study. There is even a provision for them to write exams and attain the certificates of education.

Among the guests was also present, Mr. Govind Katariya, Journalist from Dainik Bhaskar who illustrated the practical experiences of a woman detailing how a third person can fight on behalf of the victim, keeping her issue confidential.

At the end everyone agreed to study, learn and progress in life.

The ignorance from our minds should be expelled by considering the self as a spirit.