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Yashwant Patil

Name: Yashwant Patil      

Designation: Station Manager

Mr. Patil is the soul instrument behind Radio Madhuban 90.4 FM. His earnest aspiration for serving the local people of the community and his dream vision to empower the under-privileged, made possible the establishment of Radio Madhuban as a Community Radio Station for the local tribal people of Abu Road. 

His great leadership skills influence and inspire the entire team to work in unison to achieve new and greater targets. His down-to-earth profile and politeness attracts people of all ages and motivates them to work tirelessly. He keeps a close watch on all the activities of the Radio station, and provides highly resourceful inputs to justify the purpose of Radio Madhuban, i.e. to serve the society. He has been voluntarily dedicated to the service of humanity in various capacities since last 25 years. He leads the IT team of Brahma Kumaris as the Head Quarter- Coordinator and strives to technologically develop and enhance the radio station, to facilitate efficient broadcasting and functioning. 

It is because of his managerial and organizational skills that the entire team works smoothly and efficiently. 

Krishnaveni K

Name: Krishnaveni K

Designation: Production Head  

A woman of great feelings and a helping heart, Krishnaveni works round the clock to coordinate between the Radio Jockeys and the technical team to ensure timely broadcasting of shows. She very efficiently manages all the activities of the studio and station and even assists in designing shows. She leaves no stone unturned to coordinate all the community outreach programs and quality control of broadcast. She maintains a humble and simple profile. Her spiritual inclination is the key behind her organizational management. 

Rohit Gupta

Name: Rohit Gupta

Designation: Technical Head

Rohit has great devotion and dedication to serve the community; he is the spine of the technical advancements at Radio Madhuban. Ever since the beginning, Rohit has been endlessly working towards complete automation of the radio station. He constantly introduces new softwares and applications to enhance the efficacy of the station. He maintains all the electronic and electrical equipment and is the ultimate solution to all the technical problems of the radio team. He is a very modest person who has connected so many people to radio through his friendly and warm nature. Rarely free, he still finds time to promote village outreach programs and support in the development of the radio as a vehicle of community voice.

Hrishikesh Angadi

Name: Hrishikesh Angadi

Designation: Photographer & Audio Editor

Passionate about photography, he captures every moment of the station and out-reach programmes. He archives all the photographs for further communications and future use. He takes interest in all the activities of the station and  gives valuable inputs on the programmes. 

Chandrakant Fuge

Name: Chandrakant Fuge

Designation: Technical coordinator

A strong pillar for Radio Madhuban, chandrakant is a bold and hard working person. He has supported id the establishment of the Radio Maduhban from scratch to where it is today. He is a courageous man who never fails to help anyone.