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Pavitra Mallik

Name: Pabitra Mallik

Designation: Production Coordinator

Pabitra is a sincere, punctual and dedicated person. He manages most of the recording and editing tasks and at other times, he likes to support in the village outreach programs. He likes to share whatever he knows and is always ready to help others. He is very welcoming and warm - hearted person.

RJ Shrinidhi

Name: Shrinidhi K

Role: Radio Jockey

Program: Khushi Ke Nagme

Time: 9 pm to 10.00 pm Monday to Friday

An amazing RJ who glues the listeners to the radio, Shrinidhi is fluent in both English and Hindi, along with Kannad and Marathi and is associated with the team since the very beginning.

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RJ Prabha

Name: Prabha Mishra

Role: Radio Jockey

Program: Panditayin

TIme: 11 to 12 pm Saturday & Sunday

A renowned performer and TV artist, she has a working experience of 11 years with Door Darshan and 14 years with Vividh Bharti.

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RJ Raghav

Name: Raghav Chawla

Role: Radio Jockey

Program: Samay Ki Maang

Time: 5.00 to 6.00 pm Sunday Only

An nature enthusiast, Raghav has the right scientific inclination and natural interest in issues related to the environment. 

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RJ Amit

Name: Amit Wadhwa

Role: Trainer & Radio Jockey

A passionate singer and a friendly person by nature, Amit is a dynamic person who is spontaneous and versatile in his attitude.

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RJ Anangpal

Name: Anang Pal Pandey

Role: Community Reporting 

From the past 10 years he has been voluntarily devoted to serving the villages of India, with an aim to develop the local villages.

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RJ Vedant

Name: Vedant

Role: Co-Jocky

Program: Udaan, Kids Special

Time: 2 pm to 4 pm

The first Child  RJ of RM who amazes the listeners with his talent. Vedant is keen about learning and fluent in both English and Hindi.

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