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Segments - Sahaj Swasthy

Segment name: Sahaj Swasthy

Main Show: Nayi kiran

Expert: Harish Vaidya, Naturopathist

Broadcast timing: 8.20 am, Monday to Friday

Target group: Mass Audiance

Date of inception: July 2011

Theme of the show: The segment has been included in the main show to specially focus on and promote naturopathy as an alternate solution to most ailments. 

Segment - Pathami Sanskrutam

Segment name: Pathami Sanskrutam

Part of the show: Udaan Kids Special

Host: Leena Mehendale

Broadcast timing: 2.30pm, every Sunday

Target group: Children & Students

Date of inception: Sep, 2013

Theme of the show: In this segment, Mrs. Mehendale, a retired IAS Officer, teaches Sanskrit language to listeners in a very easy-to-understand way. The segment is a part of the show titled “Udaan Kids Special” and has gained a lot of appreciation from the listeners. The need was felt to bring back the love for Sanskrit language among people and also highlight the importance of the language. Keeping this in mind, the segment was started with Mrs. Mehendale’s assistance