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“Fearlessness is the first requisite of spirituality. Cowards can never be moral.”

                                                                                                                - Mahatma Gandhi

Week 1 : Becoming Fearless – Love for God

Love for God gives us faith and makes us fearless in all situations. When we have love for God, we are able to experience His companionship in everything we do.  Where there is love there is never a moment of loneliness.  Thus we will be able to move forward being fearless in spite of all the challenges that life brings. Let us think of one situation where we had an experience of failure. Now let us bring the consciousness that God is with us to help us in this situation.  When we believe this, we will find that we have the courage to accept and face the situation.   So we remain fearless and we are also able to work and bring about a change in the situation.

Week 2 : Becoming Fearless – Power of Truth

Fearlessness comes when there is the power of truth within us.  When we are constantly truthful, we will have nothing to fear.  In all the challenges we face every day, we will be able to maintain our faith and courage because of our power of truth. Let us make sure our actions are based on truth and when things go wrong, we will still be able to be fearless. We need to keep reminding ourselves that we have the power of truth with us and we will be victorious, whatever may be the challenges that come our way.

Week 3 : Becoming Fearless – Knowing myself as an eternal being

The practice of the awareness of myself and others as an eternal being greatly reduces the fear of death against a reality which we always try to avoid it. If I accept others as a being then I'll have the absolute conviction that when someone dies, it's not that they are no more, just that they have moved further on their eternal journey. This faith makes it much easier to face the departure of someone close to me. It also removes much or all of the fear I might otherwise suffer about leaving my own body. I'll still value my life greatly - probably even more than before, because of having the burden of fear removed. And I won't let the concern for the body stop me from facing what I must. 

Week 4 : Becoming Fearless – Practicing Meditation

Meditation makes it easier for me to oppose the evil. It does this by allowing me to differentiate clearly between the actor and the action. Spirituality helps me understand that the original qualities of every being are peace, love, happiness and so I have no hatred in my heart for anyone. This helps me become fearless and stand firm against wrongdoing. With a clean heart, a clear understanding of good and evil, and connection with the divine, I am much more likely to have the faith and courage with which to stand up for what is right.