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An Honest heart is an open heart. If we are dishonest in any way with ourselves or with others, it means we are hiding. Honesty is to speak that which is thought and to do that which is spoken.There are no contradictions or discrepancies in thoughts, words or actions. A state of honesty and cleanliness where I am the same inside and outside, not deceiving either me or others. Consequently, there is no room for artificiality.

Honesty to the self brings progress at a quick speed. Honesty inspires trust.


1. Honesty means Free from Excuses

Real Honesty is to be free from excuses. The one who is truly honest never gives excuses - to himself or to others.  He is free from words that blame others or give excuses. Honesty also enables one to bring into action only such things that will bring about progress for the self and will influence others positively. When we are free from giving excuses, we are able to learn from situations and experience. This is real honesty, which brings us deep inner contentment and joy. It also brings us blessings and good wishes from others on the basis of their trust.

2. Honesty means Free from Ego

When mistakes are made, we get defensive because of our ego. Ego prevents us from learning. Nobody likes making mistakes but why not make a resolution to learn from your mistakes. Even if 99% of it is another person's mistake, don't think of that. First, be honest with yourself and see what you can learn, then you'll be free from ego. Gain wisdom and accelerate your self-improvement with True honesty

3. True Honesty brings real success

When something goes wrong, I usually blame others and consider them the cause of my distress and unhappiness. Such an attitude would amount to carelessness and I only tend to feel disheartened and discouraged Whenever something goes wrong, the first thing I need to do is to check where I could correct myself. This correction is not to put myself down but to improve, to progress. This is what brings me real success.

4. True Honesty brings clarity about the self

Honesty doesn't mean just speaking the truth. Honesty means being clear with oneself. Then it naturally brings clarity about one's own capabilities. This clear understanding enables one to do the best according to the capacity. It gives the recognition of a higher step that can be climbed and brings the humility to learn from the different lessons of life. When we are honest we are able to know our own limitations and accept them with love. This acceptance keeps us busy with what we can do and also silently makes us ready for the next step. When time comes, we are able to do it, because we have already prepared ourselves for it. We don't stop when situations demand more from us because there is total clarity within.