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Egolessness is an emotional state where one feels no ego;

When I am in state of self-glorification, hungry for personal praise or fame, and not concerned about the well being of the team, then it is ego. In ego, I think I am the only one who knows, the one who is right. Ego kills co-operation. Ego is closely connected to body-consciousness. An enormous 'I and my' factor comes in when I think of myself as this body, and lose sight of the soul. My race, my color, my gender, my physical appearance, my education, my family, my job, my position, my possessions - all these become part of the build-up of ego.


Today I practice meditation, and develop and live with the consciousness that I am a non-physical soul, a being of light, and then the ego associated with all the physical factors melts away quickly. Coloring myself with the Supreme or God's company, I see others as the children of the Supreme Soul. I know myself as part of the family of human souls who have the same original qualities as me.