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Good-wishes mean pure feelings for everyone irrespective of any situations.

The one who attains blessings are the richest. Every individual has some or the other specialty.  When this specialty is revealed in one’s own words and behavior, Good wishes emerge from others very naturally. These good wishes become a form of blessing for the one who is making effort with an honest heart.  The good wishes of others act as boosters in order to fulfill what we set out to do and we experience quick and easy progress.

 WEEK 1 : Getting Good-wishes having Self-respect

To have self-respect is to get respect from all.

Anything that is full will remain stable. When I am in my stage of self-respect, I will be humble. I then need not ask for or demand respect. I will become worthy of receiving respect. People will then automatically give good wishes and respect. Today I will take one point that acts like a practice of self-respect. I will take a simple thought reminding of it from time to time. A thought like "I have the right to success" or "I am special and unique" or any other thought of practice helps. 

WEEK 2 : Empowering words with Good wishes

To empower words with good wishes is to ensure corrections are effective.

It is more important to have good wishes for a person than just having the right choice of words. Good wishes become a base on which, whatever I speak is taken positively. There is benefit in what I speak and the person receiving it will surely take it in the right spirit. Today I will check my words and see with what intention I am saying them. If my intention is to only point out something that is wrong, I will not be able to create an impact. On the other hand, if I make sure that whatever I say is for the benefit of the person, then there will be power in my words.

WEEK 3 : Making Life beautiful having Good wishes

Everyone is talking about destruction and all the negative things that are happening in the world. Just thinking or talking about it is helping in contributing to destruction. On the other hand, if we are able to create a thought of good wishes for even one person or the world at large, we are making a difference to the world, or at least to our own little world. That is, we are able to help in construction. Today I will give good wishes to the world. At least 5 times today, I will take this thought of giving good wishes to the world to help heal it. I will not think or worry about what state the world is in, but contribute in whatever way I can.

WEEK 4 : Becoming Good-wisher by adopting obstacles as a Teacher

You can have good wishes for everyone when you consider the ones who put obstacles in your way as your teachers. 

When someone puts any obstacle in your way, check what feelings you are having towards that person. Check if you are able to have good wishes for them or if your attitude is becoming negative towards them. Even when someone does something wrong towards you, have the awareness that they are the ones who enabled you to learn something new and contributed for your progress. When you do this, your negative feelings will also change to positive and you will begin to have good wishes for them.