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Tolerance is the CROWN of all Values.

Tolerance is a fair, objective, and permissive attitude toward those whose opinions, practices, race, religion, nationality, etc., differ from one's own. Tolerance frees the mind of waste thoughts, as there is no negativity towards anyone. Also tolerance frees you from questions about things that are going wrong. When you are free from waste thoughts, you can do your best and you will find yourself successful.  So this month I will practice Tolerance and try to imbibe it in my Daily routine.


 Week 1 : Bringing easiness through tolerance in every task.

Tolerance and easiness will make any task successful. Just when a patient person carries out a task after careful consideration and so receives success, in the same way, those who are tolerant, are able to make those who have strong, bitter attitude cool, or make a difficult task easy, with the power of their tolerance.

Week 2 : Mastering the power of tolerance

Check yourself, how do I respond in situations and people around me. Do I create extra, unnecessary thought about the person (who might be messy), or the event (which may be being delayed), or the thing (the car breaking down) or respond with compassion, understanding, and love, even in the face of criticism, much like the tolerant mother who continues to forgive and give ?

 Week 3 : Tolerate with Smile

I will Observe with amusement the two opposite characters that often play within.With a lot of love I will listen to my mind who tends to want more and be never satisfied. I will smile at the unflexible nature that often wants to correct and change others. Doing this I will observe how this simply makes me more tolerant with others.

 Week 4 : Appreciate and thank everyone

Take an opportunity to appreciate and thank everything and everyone you encounter during the week. Call your friends, colleagues… appreciate them for what they are or something they did for you or said to you. Cherish what you share together. Give an appreciation card or a thank you note to everyone you encounter during the week.