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Discipline is the assertion of will-power over desires that hinder our progress, and is usually synonymous to self-control. Self-discipline is the ability to motivate ourselves in spite of a negative emotional state. Will-power, Hard-work and persistence are all attributes of self-discipline. Self-discipline is the ability to use these attributes routinely and naturally.



Meditation helps to acquire self-discipline to finish negative and wasteful thoughts i.e. inculcate the power to pack up and disconnect. As the habit of self-introspection develops, it doesn't take long to realise how negative thoughts and feelings thwart our primary aim of re-emerging our true nature. Negativity drains the power of the soul faster than anything else does. So the habit of self-introspection is the best way to develop discipline.


The highest discipline is to live by the values and principles that we set for ourselves. To do so we may even have to sacrifice something, for example, appraisal, money or status. However, the rewards are enormous: self-respect, self-confidence and the ability to face adversity with courage and optimism.


Following a routine consistently makes discipline an easy habit. A constant and orderly fashion of daily tasks gives us peace of mind. It builds integrity and trust in relationships.

But watch out, as steady and consistent behaviour can easily become monotonous or too comfortable. It can lead to boredom and lack of creativity. So the discipline that we imbibe should be positive and should lead to a better and healthy life. 


The one who has the balance of flexibility and discipline achieves success. It is of course necessary to be flexible but we must be cautious that others must not take undue advantage of our flexibility.

So we need to have a balance of flexibility and discipline i.e., to be flexible within the rules and code of conduct. It is necessary to take care that our flexibility doesn't waste our time or other resources. We have to be able to say ‘no’ if the situation demands. But whatever we say has to be told with love, which comes when our nature is flexible yet disciplined.