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Hamara Aanchal
This is a show that focuses on agriculture and new techniques like Yogic Farming etc. and aims to bridge the gap between technological advancements and the farers of the local area.

Krishi Vigyan Kendra provides support to the farmers by educating about the best farming practices and eco-friendly methods. It also includes interviews with agricultural scientists, agronomists and doctors from the field. The show updates and enriches the farmer with knowledge on how to utilize his available farmland in the best and most effective manner by having more than one crop in single rotation. The show works in league with NGOs like ‘Dusra Dashak’ to endorse human rights among farmers. Apart from agriculture the show also airs the small voices of the villagers and their talents. The show also aims on promoting the different cultures of the society and coverage of the local programs, exploring the unique talent of the village and villagers.


Coordinators: Ramesh Khade, Vinod Kumar

Broadcast Timing: 7-8 pm, all days

Date of Inception: April, 2011

Target Audience: Farmers and villagers