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Shows on Weekend

Afsane Taranon Ke

With its foundation deep routed in the musical heritage of the country, this show aims to revive the essence of musical melodies old and new. The RJ also shares basic knowledge about music and its various elements.

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This show is a very special show because it teaches values in a fun-with-learning manner. The RJ talks in an animatedly characterized village woman manner to amuse the listeners, yet presents the underlying message very clearly.

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Rhythm of Life

This show explores the varied dimensions of life and myriad secrets of life. A thematic show, it includes interesting conversation with experienced guests, from the different walks of life, from India and abroad.

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Career Options

The show provides useful information to listeners about the various career avenues available in the world today and also provides guidance about the qualifications, courses and other requirements necessary for particular careers by interacting with the experts from different fields.

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Jankari Express

The show tries to empower the listeners with general information about the community, society and country in order to keep them updated about the world around them. The RJ also shares international highlights to provide a broad spectrum of information

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Vande Mataram

This show aims to empower the women of the local community in all respects by sharing ad applauding the inspiring experiences and life-stories of ordinary women from the community who have made it big.

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Samay Ki Maang

Started in line with the global initiatives to check ecological imbalance and promote sustainable development, the show deals with all the aspects of environment and our surroundings.

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Opno Samaj

The show tries to promote and preserve the local culture of Rajasthan by introducing to the present generation the various dying art forms and regional elements of local tradition.

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The show was introduced to promote local culture and preserve the honor for India traditions in the hearts of listeners.

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